Hello, welcome to my site, as I showcase my designs to you let me first introduce myself. I am a student at Humber college with a background of both business management marketing and advertising graphic design. I have a passion for creating and helping others to see their creations come to life. 


Arts has always been passion of mine since growing up and I didn't want to give up my dreams. As you take the time to review my page I hope to give you some inspiration as all of the designs I have created have played a huge part of me as a graphic designer. Being able to express yourself through your designs and developing your own type of story or meaning behind it is my motto, especially as a graphic designer myself I like to go bold, strong and colourful.

Now I don't want to keep rambling  with too much information however, I hope this help's give you a sense of who I am as a designer, simply a story full of discoveries and dreams.

Resume available below

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My Skills
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Sketch artist 

Logo Designer 

Manipulate photo's in Photoshop

Design illustrator