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Hola, welcome to my site, as I showcase my designs to you, let me first introduce myself. I'm a graduate of the advertising and graphic design program while also graduating from the business management program in 2017. I have a passion for creating and helping others to view their creations come to life. 


Art has always been a passion of mine since growing up and will continue to be an inspiration. As you take the time to view my portfolio, and the designs I have created throughout my journey of becoming  a graphic designer, I hope to give you an outlook of the artist that I am. Being able to express myself through any artistic form is the connection I create when developing my own type of stories or meaning behind it.  Especially as a graphic designer myself I like to go bold, strong and colorful because I don’t believe in having barriers to prevent creativity nor not being able to express yourself through design. 

Now I don't want to keep rambling  with too much information, I prefer to keep my audience curious however, I hope this helps give you a sense of who I am as a designer, simply a story full of discoveries and dreams.

Resume available below

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Sketch artist 

Manipulate photo's in Photoshop

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Design illustrator

Logo Designer